The Kitchen & Dining Table

A thesis discussing the social interaction of underclass through architecture and food processes.

Cities have changed the way that we live. The way that we connect with one another; the way that we engage with neighbors; the way that we identify ourselves with strangers around us. The people who surround us create a culture that we associate ourselves with, so if we can connect the culture with the subculture, we can create a different kind of culture within an urban context.

Nationwide, homelessness has been on the rise and this is deeply affecting our communities. There is a disconnect that takes place within a community where there should be collaboration and respect for one another. THE KITCHEN & THE DINING TABLE explores the ideas of the architect as a civic-engager as well as designer to provide a connection between the homeless and homeful by way of food, allowing there to be an exchange of personal engagement and investment.

Master of Architecture. Wentworth Institute of Technology. 2012
Advisors: Dan Hisel, Quilian Riano, and Jacob Mathews.