UIC: CasaMare

The goal of the UIC was to reveal the myriad of interconnected political, economic, social and physical design issues that affect the use of common spaces and to create a collaborative framework that allows participants in the U.S. and Italy to create an ongoing dialogue. The UIC: CasaMare is planned as a long-term commitment to on-the-ground action with local players.

During the Casa Mare action the badanti group told us that one of the most important features of a Casa Mare is a hanging carpet. This carpet is made by weaving communally. We took this idea and found a material in the abandoned Ospedale al Mare that we could weave as a collective act to create a bulletin board for the Casa Mare.

Sponsor: 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the 2012 Venice Biennale
Fabrication: DSGN AGNC and partners Urban Tricksters, Teatro Marinoni: Bene Comune
Venice, Italy 2012