The Royal Hairpin

Broadway Gardens


We are moving our furniture and exploratory fabrication portion of our studio into a space on Clark St. in Downtown Newburgh, NY – more on this to come. We are putting together a few ideas for how to brighten the adjacent vacant lot and provide some public/private gardening space for Heart & Soil Flowers, a Newburgh-based floral design studio.


We propose a open slat wall that could allow light and air in, while providing privacy. The retaining wall is set back from the property line on Clark Street, so we propose to put a small planter bed area that will bring flowers and green space above street level.


Additionally, a large mural could be painted on the side of the building and seen from the street. This art is strictly for placement only. If the there is interest, we would find a local artist who could capture the concept for Newburgh’s bustling Broadway.

Building, CityNic Ter Meer