PL Tea House

To celebrate the launch of the high-end label 'Tea House Collection' by Pure Leaf Tea, the brand teamed up with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson and a variety of other craftsmen to create a fully immersive culinary experience. With TriggerHouse, Olson, and Marcus' team, we designed a space in which guests would navigate through a series of rooms. Each of Marcus' elements of tasting: Aesthetic, Fragrance, Temperature, and Texture, were actualized and interpreted for physical space by our four craftsmen. The evening culminated in a dining room where guests sat down at a communal table for a full meal.  

We transformed a vacant space that was once a large restaurant, into a multi-room, dining experience. We worked closely with each artist to design a space that catered to their vision.

The entry and dining room were designed by &™. The dining room featured two custom dining tables designed by &™. 

New York, New York , 2017